6 weird things meme

Tag, I'm it! I was tagged by Lei from My Many Colored Days

6 Weird Things Meme

1. I obsesively label my books and dvds with my name. I just got a PTouch label maker, and had to re-label everything with it so everything was uniform. It stems from when I was 10, and had my own "mini-library", complete with checkout cards. The extra weird part, my friends actually checked out my books, lol! Yes, I'm well aware that this information stamps me as a total dork!

2. I'm addicted to eBay. If I can find something for the same price in the store, I've been known to still buy it off eBay so that I can boost my feedback numbers. I am rediculously proud of my 494 unique feedbacks ... 100% positive.

3. When I get tired, I get really silly and giggly. DH and my friends all laugh at me, since being tired makes me act like I'm drunk (or so they say). One of my old roomates still laughs about comments I'd make when we were staying up late to study ... like "where does my belly botton go?" She thought it was hillarious, but I really wanted to know~ I finally found out the info when my 2nd child recieved an umbilicul line, and our pediatritian explaned it all to me. The "belly botton" connects to blood supplies, but a few hours after birth, the blood vessels seal off, and it no longer serves a purpose, nor leads anywhere. (so there Kari, lol!)

4. I spend hours upon hours making awsome christmas cards, or moving notice cards ... then never actually send them. I don't know why, it's really kinda sad in a very pitiful way! I really do have the best of intentions.

5. A lot of times I come off as snobby or stuck up. I'm really not, it's just that I'm socially unsure of myself, and overly internalize things, and have to relate with my own life ... so I guess I'm maybe a bit self-centered, but I'm really not snobby.

6. I have *VERY* wide feet. I would probably be a "shoe person", but finding shoes that are wide enough for me are next to impossible. I can't wear wide flip-flops without 2 of my toes hanging off. It's very, very sad.

So now you all know how very weird I am, lol!

TAG - Now you're it!!!
1. Sara
4. Em
5. Andrea
6. Stacy


Andrea said...

I love label makers! they are so cool!

Stacy said...

Well, thanks for including me! lol

I don't think you are all THAT weird... just a little!

Linsey said...

I love label makers too!!!

Rachelle said...

Yay! I can't wait to do my meme. I can so relate to both #2 and 3. We all know I am super addicted to ebay. And I get wacky at late at night when I am tired. My husband knows to get me to bed before 11 or I get really weird.

emlouisa said...

I am in love with label making. And I get rather silly myself. It's pathetic, really.

Thanks for tagging me! Give me a couple days!

Doulabean said...

I wanna see those extra wide feet! lol. I'm obsessed with "wierd" pictures! hehe

Sabra said...

Sunny, you mentioned your dd having an umbilical line. S (my baby) is being referred to a pediatric surgeon for something along those lines. I think. K (my 3yo) was trying to talk to me while the dr was talking, so I didn't get exact phrasing. If you feel comfortable, would you email me? ratta.tat.scrap@gmail.com . If not, I understand. Thanks.

Sabra said...

Nevermind. I just looked it up online. I guess it's a form of IV you're talking about? Not what S is dealing with. His problem is that his bellybutton hasn't sealed off and "not gone anywhere". Anyway, thanks all the same.