In My Pretty Garden, The Birds Sing Good Morning

Rumour has it that the people who built this house payed an obsene amount of money to have the yards landscaped. I think the rumor may be true! I am sitting here at the computer, next to an open window. Right outside me is a tree with delicious smelling blossoms. Surrounding that tree are armfuls of Tulips. If I walk outside in the front, my garden beds are covered in red and yellow tulips, purple flowers, and little purple and yellow ivy flowers. The grass is thick and soft, and invites even the most grown-up person to lay in it's softness, and watch the lazy clouds float above.

See, I told you it was beautiful!!! It's a really nice yard especially since I get to sit back and enjoy all their work. And while some people may think of dandilions as a weed, it's heaven sent for us! My kids pick all the dandilions they want, but leave the garden flowers alone :) It's the best of all worlds!


ShelahBooksIt said...

they're gorgeous!

Michelle said...

Wow, what a pretty garden! Tulips are my favourite ever, but those pale purple flowers are really nice as well..

Kristen said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I wish someone who lived in my house before me would have done that!! I need some garden help!