Poor lil Princess! The poor doll is as cute as can be, but can not walk in a straight line. She trips over everything, especially her own feel or even air, and she tends to fall everywhere she goes, and runs into walls regularly. I'm not sure if she just doesn't pay enough attention - maybe she's very disracted (daddy is ADHD), and doesn't pay enough attention to things like walking down the hall.

But the poor girl has had an extra rough week.

Saturday, she was playing outside without shoes, and fell, ripping a chunk out of her big toe, bleeding everywhere. I gave her a Strawberry Shortcake Bandaid, and she was happy.

Sunday, she tripped again, and scrapped off the scab on her toe, and started bleeding again.

Monday morning she was playing outside, and tripped over her feet, and skinned both her knees, and I had to clean sand out of the owchies.

Monday afternoon, she fell, and hit her face, tearing the small ligament inside your mouth that holds your upper lip to your upper gums. She tore it about 1/2". We called the
dentist who said to give her cold washcloths and popcicles to slow the bleeding, and let us know that he can't do anything for it, but he will check it this next Monday at Princess's regular dental appt.

Tuesday, she was playing with wooden blocks at the train table, slipped and fell hard - biting her upper lip - hard enough to bite through it. She gushed blood everywhere, and we called the pediatritian, who also said there was nothing he could do, and it would heal on her own.

Tuesday afternoon, she tripped and hit her lip again - causing it to start bleeding again.

Wednesday (today), she has fallen off my bed head first, run into the hallway walls twice, knocked her head on the counter, and has a big goose-egg on her head.

The poor baby looks like she was on the loosing end of a fist fight!!!

Some pictures - though I don't reccomend them for the squeemish.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

The poor kid is just an ER visit waiting to happen. I'm shocked she's made it to 2 1/2 years old without an injury-related ER visit, but I know it's just a matter of time.

On the other hand, she can dance beautifully, so she has some sort of coordination. Just not when she tries to walk in a straight line :)

Poor lil Princess!~


Maine Mom said...

Ouch!...what a week! I hope savie-Roo heals quickly.

Lei said...

Aw, sweet, sweet thing! That just makes me hurt! But, I can relate... I have clumsy kids, too! Lol!

QueenMeadow said...

Aww, poor baby. I have done four ER trips thus far, not fun. Here's hoping little Savie-roo gets to continue to avoid them ;)

Rachelle said...

Poor girl! I was such a klutz as a child. Not much has changed, but I no longer walk aounr looking like that. Hopefully she'll grow out of it!

Kristen said...

Poor baby!!! I hope she has a better week next week. My little 2 year old had a very similar week last week. It's probably harder on us than it is on them. Kids seem to be very resilient.

ShelahBooksIt said...

ouch! I hope you hae a calmer week this week!

Stacy said...

Poor little dear! My D is like that - can't miss hitting a wall with his head to save his life! Hopefully she can be like my clumsy friend - clumsy on her feet until the music turned on... then she was a graceful as a swan!

emlouisa said...

Poor girl!!! I was a klutz of a child and I turned out just fine. Actually...the jury may still be out of that...

Elizabeth said...

Poor kid!!! Daniel goes in spurts with clumsiness... luckily it's not often! Man, I really feel for you!

lazymama said...

Aww..my dd used to do that to her lip all the time!! I think she tore it for good the last time. poor girl!

ubercyl said...

Blog redesign looks amazing, Sunny!

Poor little girl. We've been strangely blessed in this department. Animal bruises easily but they're always little ones, not goose eggs.