Is life a never ending roller-coaster ride?

Because I really don't like rollar-coasters. They scare me, and make me nauseous, and I hate the feeling of my stomach twisting and turning into knots. I understand that screaming helps some people release the fear, but when I am terrified, I hold my breath. There's the people who jump out of the car at the end, in a race to get back in line, and do the experience again. I am not one of those people. I am one of those who stagger out, shaking like crazy - my legs out of balance, and the rest of me shaking in fear. The one who wishes they could take the day back ... get their money back, and go float down the predicable lazy river at the water park, where there is a peaceful LACK of thrill.

Why then do I feel like my life is a continuous day at the roller-coaster park? Everything spinning around me out of control? And as soon as I feel I have a handle on things, an unpredicable drop or turn throws me into a panic, complete with knotted-stomach and shaking legs. And as soon as I get off, staggering to regain my balance, I am pushed back into the roller-coaster seat, and before I can jump out, the bar comes down, locking me into another terrifying, unpredicatable ride.

No wonder I feel so stressed and anxious lately ... I always said "life's always a roller-coaster ride". I was just forgetting how much I dislike roller-coasters! Anyone know how to get to the "lazy river"?


The Constant Gardener said...

I'd love to find that lazy river myself...let me know if you find it.

Carrie ~ ckbraveheart said...

I hate roller coasters, too! Thaks for posting that picture so I can puke!!!