Giddy-Up Horsies ... and Zebras

When I was little, I'd sit on my grandpa's crossed foot, and bounce on his knee as he sang:

Giddy-up, horsey, get on your way,
We've been together for many a day
So let your tail go swish as the wheels go 'round
Giddy-up! We're homeward bound.

This is now one of AngelBaby's favorite things to do ... bounce on your leg as you sing the horsey song.

There's a new disney dvd out ... Stanley's Dinosaur Round-Up. We bought it the second we saw it for sale, since our DVR had erased the disney channel recording we'd had. It is Superboy's favorite movie. Ever. He loves stanley, and now can tell me all about the different kinds of dinosaurs and their bones, and how to dig them out. But he also learned about riding horses from Stanley. He asked me for a couple weeks "When will I be old enough to learn how to ride a horse" or "Why havn't you let me learn how to ride a horse yet?"

It was just my luck that last saturday, we saw a cute little family offering pony rides a half a mile from my house. I ran home to grab the camera (why take them for their first horse rides if I don't document it!?!) When I asked the kids if they wanted to ride horses, Superboy was thrilled, but Princess began to cry. I told her she didn't have to have a ride if she didn't want one ... to which she replied "I don't want to ride a horse, I want to ride a zebra!" Did I tell you she is OBSESSED with zebras? She desperately tells anyone who asks that she wants a "pink baby zebra for my birthday". She is still determined that the pony she rode was, in fact, a white and brown zebra.

Superboy and Princess took several loops, and AngelBaby just tried sitting on the still horse. AngelBaby adored the horse, and planted several open-mouthed kisses on the horse's mane before I could snatch her back up!


QueenMeadow said...

I swear I already commented, weird.

Anyway, cute cute kids!! Sounds like a great time, seriously! You are such a great mom!

The Constant Gardener said...

That looks like so much fun! My Little Boy would love to ride a pony! I'm going to have to check out Stanley's Dinosaur Round Up.