Hurry up and wait!!!

I feel like we may never actually get to the point of receiving the formal offer for South Africa. Everything seems to be happening in slow motion, then things seem to move really quickly, then it stops, and begins to creep ever so slowly. I'm not longer feeling excited/disapointed with every motion - just feeling calm, and patient. It will happen ... eventually :)

The latest word is that the HR person (whose input is needed for the director to offer) is on "holiday" until Monday. We'll see when the offer actually comes though. The director's tenitive plan is to offer us early this next week, and hopefully have the deliberations of counter-offers, etc, over by the end of next week. We'll see if we and the company are in the same ball-park. I have been trying to price everything, and investigate housing, just to be prepared though, expecially for relocation needs. Tenitively, they want DH to come in two weeks for training until the end of the month, home to the USA for a couple weeks, then hopefully to Jo'burg by the middle of September.

This weekend will keep us busy though, It is DH and Princess's birthday weekend (they share their birthday!), and SIL's birthday. We also have friends coming for Family Night, so we're going to have fun preparing for it. I also have to get everything ready for Princess's "Princess Dora" birthday party ... she couldn't decided between a princess party or a Dora party, so we gave up and combined the two. I'll have to post pictures of all our fun ideas! It should be great. I also need to get things ready for another garage sale. If we do accept the offer, next weekend I'll need to do a big ole yard/ rumage sale.


Here's some highlights of my SA research for you:

Not too far from the Jo'burg office is a Lion Sanctuary ... complete with "Touch-a-Cub".
http://www.lion-park.com/home.htm ... and they are open year round. Could you imagine forgoing our typical snow sled rides or skiing, and spending the Christmas season seeing baby Lions?! (And "baby zebras" for Princess ... she'll be disapointed to find that zebras are truely not pink.)

I have been told that near Pretoria and Jo'burg is a Kellog's plant, and that I need not worry about finding breakfast cereals (my children's nutritional staples!) With Kellog's around, we'll survive just fine.

Watch for party pictures after this weekend ... and hopefully by sometime next week, I can tell you if we're headed to SA!

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Lisa M. said...

I loved Africa.

What a great adventure.

I hope you know soon, too.

The Princess Dora party sounds fantastic, I can't wait for pictures! I have a Dora lover too!