Compliments, Forgiveness, and Perfection

Anyone else struggle with accepting compliments given to you? I do ... someone will compliment me, and I will tell them "oh, thank you!", but inside I'm saying "you have no idea how very wrong you are". It's not that I'm a negative person. I can recognise good in myself, but why can I so easily dismiss compliments? It's as if I allowed myself to truly accept the compliment, I would be a fraud.
I hang onto my faults, and bring them to the surface whenever I am complimented. I have a tendancy to hold a grudge - not against any one else, just against myself. I am forgiving, compassionate, and understanding - to everyone but myself.

Why is it that I can not forgive myself of my short comings, when I know that we will never be perfect in this life? Perfection is NOT an earthly trait - but why do we still hold ourself to "perfect" expectations?! I love the Dr Seuss type spoof on the "Girl In The Whirl". (poem is at the bottom left of the page - pictures correspond with poem). It seems to be that I hold myself to expectations of perfection --- and all that does is set
us up for certain failure. We compare ourselves to others, and see their stregnths, then look inward and see only our weeknessed. I will never be "that one perfect woman in the ward" ... and I don't need to be her. I just need to be me! I need to give myself a break, recognise that I'm not striving to be perfect - I'm just striving to be the best ME - because that is all that actually matters!

To know yourself, you must love yourself. For it is only when YOU are filled with love that you can share this gift with the world


Kristine said...

I think all of us tend to be too hard on ourselves.

My DH actually made me a bet. (shh...). He offered to give up a TV show I detest if I would stop vocalizing criticisms about myself. It was amazing to see that once I stopped saying them out loud, I actually began to stop myself from thinking them.

The poem you shared is funny, but it always makes me think about how many sisters actually think that it is reality. We've got to paint more realistic pictures of ourselves for others.

Thanks for this thoughtful post.

Lei said...

You summed it up perfectly Sunny!