Blah days ...

You know the ones ... when there is so much to do, many things that need your attention, you have sick or bored kids, and you are bored yourself? Not that there's nothing to do, because there is TOO much to get done, but you just want to pretend that you aren't home? The ones where it sounds so nice to get out of the house simply to interact with someone over the age of 5? The days when every room needs your undivided attention, the kids need major supervision, and the weeds are taking over the yard, but you just can't force yourself to do anything but read a junky paperback?

Today is one of those days for me. I even indulged in looking online at houses for rent ... houses that don't have our stuff everywhere, strewn around them. The houses that have clean walls without crayon pictures that need scrubbed off, and whose bathrooms come previously cleaned. The houses that you wish could become your own private model home ... just your favorite furnature - with no toys, blocks, legos, or barbies. Sigh.

I need to clean my house. I need to desperately de-clutter. I need to organize my closets. I need to garden. I need to fix the dishwasher. I need to water the lawn. I need to scrub the toilets. I need to dust. I need to vacuum. I need to sort toys. So much to do ... enough time to do it ... but no energy to even look in the general direction of my kitchen.

Instead, I'll just sit here and dream of what it would be like to get a pedicure, or a massage, or sit in a field of flowers without the overwhelming sounds of siblings in the foreground. In it all, I feel guilty. Motherhood is a blessing - a royal gift. Why isn't that enough to fuel me into a cleaning frenzy? Does FlyLady ever have blah days? She probably just bites the bullet and gets it all done anyways.

To bad my super-mom cape is underneath one of the laundry piles today. I'll find it ... eventually.


QueenMeadow said...

I just want to say that I'm having a ditto day. And I'm allowing it today. Tomorrow I will have to climb out of the funk, whether I want to or not, and get back into the grind :)

Jean said...

I totally agree ladies, yesterday was my day.......and guess what those
toilets, toys, and everything in between were still waiting for me, i keep telling this stuff, go i will catch up but its always there waiting...lol have a great day