Woman to Woman: Celebrating ME!

This "Woman to Woman" is a tough one:


We (women) tend to focus so much on our weaknesses and often blow them out of proportion. But our strengths, the things we are good at, go unnoticed, especially by ourselves. I know there are times when I have feared that my confidence may come across as arrogance. It's taboo to assert your successes as a parent! And even in general, I think women are very careful about how much credit or attention they give to themselves. But we all certainly deserve praise and recognition. And so, right on the heels of Mother's Day, this "Woman to Woman" is an opportunity for us all to admit that we are amazing, and to share our strengths with one another.


This is a tough topic to think about. It is so easy to pop out reasons as to why I am flawed, what makes me imperfect. I feel like a dumpy mom who people look at and wrinkle their noses - the one that other woman look at and say "well, at least [my garden/my house/ my parenting/ my ______] is not as bad as her".

Then I remember something: As women, we have the dangerous tendency to compare ourselves to others. If we were to do so with an unbiased view, it might not be so disastrous. However, we are biased - against ourselves! We look at others with a halo-light, seeing all the wonderful things about them, then look at ourselves - focusing on our faults. Then we base our comparison off of "so-and-so's" stregnths, and our weaknesses! How self-destructive is that!

Alright, now back on topic.

Top Ten List of "Why I love ME":

1. When it comes to crafty things, I can do just about anything I set my mind to try. Not perfectly, but pretty darn well. And I use that ability to make my house into a home.

2. I am really good with child development. I aced the class in college, and use the knowledge a lot. I love knowing the stages my kids are in, and how I can help them to grow and work into the next stage.

3. I am safety conscientious about everything - from car seats to developmentally appropriate playgrounds to teaching my kids about safety. And I can make it fun and understandable, but not scary.

4. I have a very active imagination, and remember the "that would be so cool" stuff from when I was a kid, and do it for my kids. Like designing a regular closet to be a little playhouse. Or making the space under DS's loft bed into a secret hideaway with books and snuggly seats.

5. I have a good smile. I can smile at Princess with compassion, and her tears will disapear, and she will smile back.

6. I stand at the gas station and act silly and make faces as I'm pumping gas. And I don't care what anyone outside my own car thinks. I do it to make my kids smile and giggle.

7. I love animals, and through our pets, or injured wildlife we find, teach my children that they can love, nurture, and protect, and have great compassion.

8. I have a love for books and reading, and my example of curling up on the couch or my bed gives my children the idea "reading looks fun!"

I'm starting to draw a blank, I'll come finish this in a bit.

9. I can look at situations from another perspective, which helps me understand other people and their needs or concerns and their personal reality. This includes my children - I don't dismiss their fears, instead we find ways to help them - because for them, they are a reality.

10. I am compassionate. I don't like to see pain in someone else's eyes, and will do anything I can to help them. Even if it means staying up all night to rock a teething toddler.


An Ordinary Mom said...

It is so much easier to find our faults than to find our strengths, but when we do recognize our strengths I think it helps us to be better people. We have more to give others this way. You have much to celebrate and I am glad you joined in the fun :)!!

Lei said...

I can attest to #1, I have seen your craftiness and you are amazing.


And I love #4! You are one rocking mama!

Can I link you or are you being modest? ;)

Sunny said...

Lei, I wasn't modest at all, lol. I'm on your list ... I am #5 :)

Montserrat said...

Your kids are really blessed to have you as a great mom and role model. Hurray for item #4! That's is so cool about the closet. I may have to try that one out sometime.

Lee said...

I love your list idea and I copied it for myself. I couldn't get 10.. that got hard! You are so wonderful!

Christina said...

You sound like a very cool and creative mom...your kids are lucky!

Morning Glory said...

We definitely need more people who are compassionate. I enjoyed this post and am really glad you joined in.

I'd like to add you to the Linky over on my blog, too.

Myrna said...

You sound like a very caring and compassionate person as well as a fun mom!

Good post!

Penless Thoughts said...

You sound like a lovely, delightful, fun to be around person. Glad you celebrated that with us.

Gran - (Angela) said...

Compassion is one of the most wonderful gifts that you can extent to others, especially your family and friends. They are very belessed to have you in their lives.
Have a GREAT weekend!