One HUNDRED posts!

This is my 100th post. wow. I feel like I need to celebrate it somehow! Where's the balloons?

Okay, I'm going to try the 100 things about me, celebrating 100 Posts. But I'm crazy for writing all this ... who's going to make it through all this random me-ness???

Here we go:

1. My mom was due on the 4th of July ... but had to wait until *I* was good and ready.
2. I received two acting awards in high school.
3. I auditioned for high school show choir 3 times, and "got in" twice, but never actually sang in a show choir.
4. My favorite color combination was once teal (the color of gangrene) and purple.
5. I got my ears pierced when I was 2.
6. In the hospital, my parents originally named me Chelsea ... it didn't fit me. (thank you for changing your minds - so not me!)
7. I was a "starter" for HS varsity soccer the first season I tried out
8. I have performed at both Disneyland and Disney World.
9. I've never lived in one house for more than 2 years.
10. I've lived in 5 states and 3 countries.

11. In college, I taught my DH how to use a computer. He's now a computer geek.
12. I've wanted to grow up to be: a mother, a teacher, an astronaut, a photographer, an actress, a farmer, a ballerina, a writer, a gymnast, a veterinarian, a horse-back rider, a missionary, and lots more.
13. I love games, but not competition.
14. When I was 4, an aunt teased me that I couldn't have any of her birthday cake, so I ran away and hid, crying.
15. When I was a Sunbeam in church, I hit my head on a children's pew when we sang "head shoulders, knees and toes". I remember my teacher hugging me in the hallway while I cried.
16. I was crushed when my handsome CTR class teacher got himself married to a girl named Chastity instead of waiting for me to grow up.
17. I love horses.
18. Out of my family of 7, I am one of 2 of us that don't have names beginning with a "J"
19. I am the oldest

20. I cried when I got brothers instead of sisters.
21. When my sister was born, I thought she was ugly ... all wrinkly and newborn-looking.
22. I now think my 2 sisters are drop-dead gorgeous ... and my brothers aren't too bad.
23. I AM competitive at UNO, and winning soothes me ... so much that my DH fakes loosing when I'm in labor so I don't freak out.
24. I love animals. I cry uncontrollably when one of my pets die. Even a fish.
25. I was once told I was a pessimist, so I went through a long time of absolute (though sometimes fake) optimism ... until I had PPD and had to face life.
26. I cheated the first time I was put on bed rest with my pregnancy. (bad, bad idea!!!)
27. I was obsessed with series books - mostly Babysitters Club and Nancy Drew Files, but I had a secret obsession that I wasn't allowed to read: Sweet Valley High.
28. I went to "Sa-ool wah-ku-keen hak-yoh" my last 2 years of high school.
29. I try very hard not to be dramatic, but the drama queen in me tries very hard to take over.
30. I have a love affair with Indian food - especially naan.

31. I nearly failed my HS freshman year Ballet Class
32. I took 2 years of French, and 1 year of Mandarin Chinese, but can't speak either language.
33. I secretly love to cook, but am terrified of failure, especially when my mom is in town, since she is an AMAZING cook.. She could give MOF Elizabeth a run for her money.
34. I hated the color red when I was a kid ... now I ADORE it ... especially in floral toile.
35. I started giving myself a "trim" or relayer my hair when I was 14. My mom would have killed me, but I don't think she ever knew.
36. I look down on myself for being so overweight.
37. I love baskets and Tupperware buckets.
38. MOFs have become my best friends.
39. I love shopping. Retail Therapy isn't done often around here, but I love it. My most dangerous stores: Target, ShopKo, Gymboree, Old Navy, and Quilting / craft stores.

40. I have a terrible sweet tooth. I especially love cheesecake, scotcharoos and chocolate.
41. When I was younger, my favorite treat was carob bars.
42. I adore Bulgulgi, a Korean meat. I could eat if for weeks at a time. Wrap it in a lettuce leaf with some rice and cucumber kimchi ... YUM!
43. If I had $100, I would buy a pro camera bag for my photo gear.
44. I am really good at meeting people, but afterwards I'm shy and reserved, so people sometimes think I'm snobby :(
45. My bulletin board currently has 9 cute magnets, a drawing of hearts within a big heart SuperBoy gave me for valentines day, a colored & cut out spaceship from SuperBoy, a note that says "I lov you!!!" from SuperBoy, and my Girls-Weekend-Out itinerary.
46. I have a ribbon obsession. I love ribbon. The first time DH saw me, I had a silver ribbon in my hair. In all honesty, I'd never put a ribbon in my hair until I went off to collage and had a cheerleader for a roomie.
47. My favorite store when I was 11 was a paperback book exchange store. I begged to go there all the time.
48. I have always thought Barney was a nice show ... yes the purple dinosaur.
49. When we were first married, DH and I would stay up late ... to watch Boy Meets World on Disney channel.
50. When I was 9, I would mop the kitchen floor for my mom, singing and pretending to be Cinderella.

51. I was homeschooled for 3 years.
52. The hardest experiences I've ever been through were having my babies in the NICU, and being discharged without them.
53. My kids are already 2,3, and 5, and I still need a nap every day.
54. I have brown eyes
55. I love eBay.
56. I was offered a job as a EFY counselor for a couple of sessions, but got married instead.
57. I was baptized when I lived in Allen, TX
58. I visit certain websites everyday, including Blogger, Craigslist and freecycle.
59. I was 13 when my baby sister was born
60. I worked at JCPenney's as a make-up counter girl.

I was asked to be a peer-counselor my Sr year of HS.
62. I second guess myself regularly, and crave reassurance
63. I was one of the few girls on Grounds Crew in College, and was treated like a princess in work boots ;)
64. I've worn contacts since I was 12.
65. I hate making a cross-stitch, but love primitive embroidery
66. I can't come out of the Library with less than 5 books for myself - and I've tried!
67. I can't decide if my favorite tool is my power drill or my glue gun.
68. My favorite ice cream is Cold Stone's cake batter ice cream with white chocolate chips, cookie dough and graham cracker crust mixed in.
69. My second favorite ice cream is Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake.
70. These are my dishes ... we received 12 place settings at our wedding.

71. I'm supposed to be taking a shower right now, but instead I'm adding to this list.
72. I like too many different styles ... so my house is Americana-meet-country-meet-shabby-chic-meet-Kids-Live-Here
73. I have a difficult time making a decision. Like what to order - I always wait until the last second, when everyone else is waiting on me.
74. I ran a daycare out of my home
75. I loved cleaning & organizing my room ... until I got married & had kids!
76. The first play I was in was Tom Sawyer. And I won't admit that I was cast as a boy.
77. When I was 6, I remember dumping my bowl of soup into my 1 year old brother's bowl, then being shocked when my mom knew what I'd done.
78. A babysitter once let me stay up when my parents were out of town and watch Godzilla with her. I was 7, and still have nightmares.
79. I once tried to eat all my Halloween candy so my mom wouldn't take it away, and I was up all night throwing up.
80. When I was 11, I was an Angel in the church nativity pageant, and broke my arm right before the play.

81. I broke my arm before the pageant trying to impress a boy I had a crush on.
82. My brother was bitten at the zoo by a baby orangutan while we all posed next to it and it's mama.
83. I was hit in the head with a baseball bat at school, and had to have hair shaved and get stitches.
84. I love to digital scrapbook, but need to scrapbook using all the fun supplies I have IRL.
85. My minvan can't fit in my garage right now because the garage is so messy.
86. My junior year of High school, I went on a service trip to Calcutta, India and worked at the orphanages.
87. I love paint. Since I am not so talented at painting, I use my love of painting on chairs, wooden benches, shelves, and anything else that I can get away with.
88. I love teaching the sunbeams.
89. I participated in Habitat For Humanity in the Philippines when I was 17.
90. I've never been to Europe, or even the NorthEast in the USA.

91. I've hiked the Great Wall in China.
92. I love fabric. Even when I don't have a project to do, I drool over fabric at the quilting store.
93. I still want to be an RN when I grow up. And a Photographer.
94. For 6th grade, I went to school in a two-room K through 12 school house.
95. The last time I went camping, I was 8 months pregnant with SuperBoy.
96. I love the ocean, and swimming in the ocean.
97. I hoard colored gel pens. I seriously love gel pen color choices.
98. I received bad marks in my Handwriting class (5th grade), and since then I have worked hard to achieve good, cute handwriting.
99. When I was 13, I began writing a book about an FBI agents' daughter who was in love with the neighbor boy. I finished 3 full chapters.

100. I fulfilled one of my childhood dreams and became a Mother.

PHEW. The end. Cake and Balloons for everyone who read all this!


taffi said...

100 posts? Then you've gotta do the "100 things about me" post! It's a bloggy tradition that goes back.... uhh, hundreds of days! ROFL

QueenMeadow said...

Happy 100th post!

Wanna talk my dd into helping me mop? lol.

I took three years of spanish and cannot speak the language still, so don't feel too bad, lol.

Great list :)

The Mathews Four said...

LOL at Taffi's comment! Very fun post to read! So what did you perform at Disney Land and Disney World?

Sunny said...

I sang in the regular school choirs.