... They're My Lego Maniacs!

"LEGO" ... the name alone induces pain into every parent's feet. And as cute as Princess's pink legos are - don't let them fool you. Stepping on them in a dark room when trying to sweetly tuck your daughters into bed hurts just as much as the conventional red legos. Consider yourself warned. Pink is not always sweet.

Speaking of Legos, Superboy's current obsession is Lego Star Wars. He received a couple little kits for his birthday last week (Yes, Superboy is now 6 years old!) We went out of town ON his birthday, so the new gifts were set aside, and I forgot about them. Until he woke me up a couple mornings ago to show me his creations:

Um, why is my 6 year old way better at playing legos than I am? I used to be the lego princess - I could build anything. But my talents pale in comparison to the battle raging on Superboy's desk.

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The Mathews Four said...

I think I just felt an ache in an "old lego injury" just looking at that picture. Yowsers!