Sorry it's so slow here!

I've been pretty MIA. First my computer is down, then I went with my sweet DH to Connecticut for a week, and now I'm at home with the laptop only on weekends. It's driving me crazy, since I have had to put pro-photography on hold for a bit ... and my usually daily online-fix has turned into once a week - if I'm lucky. Grrr! I need to find ME a computer. For a computer geek's wife, I sure got a bum deal with the home computers, lol.

Anyways, I haven't become an astronaut, I haven't been traveling the world, and I haven't been so booked with photo shoots that I can't blog. No ... I just have no regular computer. And until I do, the days may just go by VERY slowly!

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The Mathews Four said...

I miss you over at MOF's! Come back sooooooonnnnnnn!