Packing my days away ...

Yes, I've officially lost my mind --- we are moving in the middle of the holiday season, and I actually WANTED to!

It all began when DH got a new job with a great company. We're a one-car family, and the new drive to work became painful! It's been 30 minutes there, 30 back. So if I needed the car, it was an hour for me in the morning, and an hour in the evening. Imagine doing that with yells of

"hey mom, Knock Knock!" (no one's home!)
"Hey why did the chicken cross the road" (so it could have a quiet mommy-time-out across the street.)
"Look at this mom (I know you're driving through traffic --- but just turn around and see my involved drawing of a dinorsaur tearing our house to pieces!)
"I dropped my (sippy cup, crayon, graham cracker, doll, leapster, hair clip, shoe ....) - and I NEED it!".
"I spy something wiggly mom! What is it?!" (the children in the car!!!)

It took me one trip to say I hated the commute, two drives to insist we buy another car, and on the third trip, DH and I immediately started a house hunt. We found a mostly great house and are moving in on Decemeber 1st. I didn't say perfect house, because it's entire yard is surrounded by a chain-link fence ... nice that it's fenced, but the white-picket-fence snob in me doesn't appreciate the chain-link as I perhaps should. I just don't like seeing the neighbor's backyard junk pile :S It also does't have a real garage ... it has a nice covered car-port area.

But inside, the place is my personal heaven. It's not huge, I think it's cozy -- cozy enough to be happy but not cramped. 3 levels - main level has living room with hardwood floors and kitchen / dining room with lots of space. Upstairs is the master bedroom with bookshelves that are flush with the wall. There's also 2 more rooms so our 3 kids will be close to us at night. Then there's the basement level - it has a family / playroom, food storage pantry, laundry, and a large bedroom that will be the office / craft room / studio.

Across the street is a big park. A two minute walk, and we're at my SIL's house ... with her 6 kids - one the same age as SuperBoy, 2 babysitting age girls, and one mothers-helper aged girl. Bwaahaahaahaa! I have also been told that the house behind us, the house 2 doors down, and the house across the street all have babysitting teens. Coming from our neighborhood where the ONE babysitter is booked MONTHS in advance, this news left me gasping for air from excitement.

So I may be quiet for the next couple weeks, but that's just as I rock out to my iPod, packing up boxes and boxes of our life, and dreaming of where I'm going to put it when I am moved in and unpacking ... (((sigh!)))


Awesome Mom said...

Sounds like a great if stressful move. You can always add a wooden fence in later so that you can have more privacy in your own back yard.

Emily said...

awesome. :) i'm glad that you're going to get your commute cut waaaay down. can't even imagine doing that every day; back and forth. yikes! so happy you'll be in a new home soon!

the_sanchez_fam said...

Congrats!! Hope you enjoy the new place. Good Luck with the packing, I hate moving. But its always nicer when you have something to look forward to.
If you don't get up and running before then Merry Christmas!!!!!