Catch-Up game.

So I need to play catch up! With moving and the holidays, I didn't blog the things I wanted to, so I'm doing it now!

First up is our Christmas. We stayed home this year, and actually had a really good time. FIL came over for Christmas Eve, and MIL came for Christmas morning. It was a lot of fun, mostly because of the kids contagious excitement. My SILs and I had a "wrapping party" the weekend before Christmas, and got most the wrapping out of the way.

We didn't get our tree until just 10 days before Christmas, but it was perfect! I realised our kids have never seen a tree go from a plain tree to a Christmas tree. My biggest regret was not having the video camera when we lit the tree for the first time - their faces and squeals were so completely priceless.

Christmas morning was so fun and exciting. The highlight gifts were

SuperBoy: RoboDino , star wars legos, and star wars figures. He also used christmas money to later buy an action spring Light saber, which has been a huge hit.

Princess: The American Girl Felicity doll from Santa, and an AG horse from Nana. That combo is still adored to no end, and meticulously taken care of. She also loved the polly pockets!

AngelBaby: AG Bitty Baby, with tons of clothes and a doll stroller --- BIG hit! She also adored the Littlest Pet Shop stuff.

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