Escaping Reality

I've been hiding out a bit.  I'm a crazy reader ... I have to pace myself, or I get lost in the books and hyper-focus until the book is completed.  I'm a picky reader though ... I have a low-tolerance for explicit words, or books without a happy or meaningful ending.  Reality is tough enough for us all, and I typically hide behind a book when I need to escape for a while.  

Anyways, I've started another blog ... mostly because of my SILs and nieces asking for book recommendations.  Basically I'll read a book, then give my opinion without giving the story away. 

The main reasoning for this new blog is so that I can remember which books I liked, which were okay, and which ones I just didn't like ... oh, and the ones I hated.  I have a pitiful memory, and this will save me from embarrassment - like when I recommend a book to my SIL, re-read it after she's returned it ... THEN remember that I hated the ending, and my SIL admits that she hates the ending too.  So dumb to waste time like that when there are TRUE good books out there ... and not enough time for the normal mom to weed through random books.   

Ridiculously long story short: I've been escaping lately ... and my escape route can be seen here

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