Food Storage Closet

Today's project was organizing our food storage closet.  I love this closet - it's deep.  You can't see how deep it is.  Just as a reference, on the top shelf there is a bottle of oil.  That bottle is in front of 3 more bottles.    It's awesome deep, lol.  It's actually a little bare right now since I'm 1 day away from my Costco trip.  

It's interesting that for many, many years, we have been counseled by the leaders of our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, to have a food storage.  We're counseled to have a year's supply, but our family is working with what we can do right now.

The buckets with the orange lids are all flour.  It was nice when there was the "flour shortage" to not have to run in a panic to grab flour.  It's like the Ant and the Grasshopper fable.  I want to be the Ant.  I want to be prepared for my children.  I don't want to have to panic if I'm headed to the grocery store a few days late.

It's like the northridge earthquake from when I was a kid.  So many people needed water and food, but the grocery stores weren't open, or were very damaged.  Having food storage is a great resource as a parent!

AngelBaby showing off how well she helped me tidy it up:

Tomorrow we will be working on our next project:  recovering from the toddler tornados that have ripped through the playroom.


Awesome Mom said...

I envy you that closet. Mine is very narrow and has bad shelving. I the best pantry I ever had was in the apartment that we lived in right after getting married. It was huge! Of course it was in Utah where these things are more likely to be found.

Sonja said...

I'm not brave enough to take pictures of my food storage just yet, I have so much organizing. I totally admire those who are posting about their food storage! That's a great pantry by the way.

Anonymous said...

yay for food storage. and my playroom looks worse. I've ignored it for 3 days.

Lara said...

NOTHING feels better than knowing you've got food storage to feed your kids! I love that feeling!