Cats and Dogs

Our cat and puppy have a funny relationship.  They like each other, but stalk then pounce the other.  The puppy barks the kitty up a chair, then the cat ninja jumps over the dog to pounce or run from behind.  They are a very silly combination.

Today's experience included a sneaky cat on the kitchen table, and an unsuspecting puppy.

I was unable to capture the action that ensued.  The cat pounced, the puppy barked, the chair fell, and the cat was long gone down the stairs.  Never ending entertainment.


Anonymous said...

how fun!! I'd love to see how my Maggie would react to a cat but since I'm allergic to them that won't happen. LOL

Bezzant Family said...

We also experice cat and dog chases at our house. No one gets hurt, so they are very funny to watch.