The Fall-Line Up ...

We're talking TV premiers of course!  With craziness in our own life, we've really weeded out some dramas, and are bringing on comedy.

Over the summer, we've been investing in a few favorite TV seasons on DVD.  But our newest favorite show: "Psych", a USA network series ---- SERIOUSLY worth your time.  It makes me laugh so much, and it's just a plain fun show.  I've seen one episode (our of about 50) that I wasn't completely fond of ... but that's it - I loved the rest.  I was a Nancy Drew reader as a kid, so what's not to love about a fake-self-proclaimed psychic who's excellent memory for little details helps him solve mysteries for the police.  And with such a great "side-kick", you may as well forget resisting your love for the show.  Sadly, Psych has ended for the season, and won't be back until January.  And the knock-off drama "the Mentalist" premiering on CBS will not even come close to a sufficient substitute. 

This past week House came back.  I'm not sure how the show will function if Wilson really leaves :S  He's one of my favorite characters.

BUT - coming to my DVR this week:

~Heroes (Not sure how much I'll like this season, but it's set to record)
~How I Met Your Mother (a "friends" type comedy)
~Big Bang Theory (a favorite of ours, just starting season 2)
~The Office (Who *doesn't* love this show?!)

Thank goodness for the return of NEW prime-time episodes!


sweetpea said...

LOVE fall shows! After the long summer, I am eagerly anticipating all my favorites. Enjoy!

Bezzant Family said...

The Office is definately a favorite of ours. Dave's family does not watch this show so when we get quoting lines and start laughing hysterically, they think we are retarded. Oh well, their loss.

Anonymous said...

I don't know but I just stopped watching House, it lost my interest. CSI: is coming back and I'm interested to see where they will take the show, and if this is the last season.

the_sanchez_fam said...

never seen an episode of the office, but I love Heroes!! It was a great episode!!