Mourning over my Lens.

While taking a photo hike with the family, the klutz in me tripped over a rock.  I scraped both knees, but the worst wound was that my camera lens was hit in the fall, and now the auto-focus won't work.  I don't mind manual focus, it just takes me so much longer to get the right shot, or I have to use another lens ... and let's face it, a 50mm lens and a 75-300mm zoom lens are not that great for close-ups.  I need my normal lens back!



the_sanchez_fam said...

That's so sad :( Don't stop posting pictures, we want to see them even if they aren't as close up as before:)

Anonymous said...

oh no!! I'm sorry that stinks

Rachel said...

Ahhh!! I would have cried! I once had a nightmare that I broke my camera and tried desperately to put it back together.