Where were you when the world stopped turning?

Today is September 11th.  7 years have passed since 9-11, and while we don't dwell on the sorrow, that day is etched into our hearts forever.  I remember my parents had been in Europe, and flew home United - Newark to San Francisco the night before.  My dad's friend was supposed to be on the same flight, since they had a work meeting in the morning, but delayed so he could see his wife and kids.  He was on Flight 91, one of the heros lost in the Pennsylvania field.  That's the most personal the loss of lives was for me, but I felt such sorrow and sadness for all the families.  

DH was a college student, and SuperBoy was almost a month old.  My little 14 year old brother called and said "turn on the TV now!"  DH and I fell to the chairs and watched the horror of the first plane's damage.  DH had to get to class, and was late ... everyone was chatting and DH went to the professor to see if he could go home.  The professor and class had no idea what was happening, but classes were very quickly cancelled for the day.  DH came home just seconds after the 2nd plane crashed.  I sat there sobbing, wondering what was happening, and what this meant for the tiny little boy I had just brought into the world.  

September 11th renewed my patriotism.  We took our change jar, and bought a flag to hang in our window.  Even the little chinese family who lived above us had a small flag taped to their window.  DH and I held our newborn close, grateful for our little family, but heartbroken for the families who lost loved ones.  The flags at half-mast brought on new waves of tears for me. 

9-11, we have not forgotten.  We will never forget.   

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