New Wall Photos

We've had the same portraits on our wall for QUITE a while now.  It was time to update them about 3 years ago.  That's a long time when our kids are 4, 5, and 7!

Here's our wall ... the way it has been for much too long! (sorry the picture is awful!  It's too dark for any natural light, so the angle is weird so you don't get blinded by the flash)

And here's two of the updated portraits (I still need to get a good one of AngelBaby)


I just need to get a good one of AngelBaby, then I can re-do my wall.  Speaking of AngelBaby, she got a haircut.  She's been begging for me to take her for WEEKS, and I've put it off, hoping she'd change her mind.  I finally decided to quit picking THAT battle, and took her last night.  She's still pretty cute!

AngelBaby Before & After:
Does she look like a different child to anyone else?  


MusicalMom said...

Those look really good!

I took new wall pictures of my kids this fall and never got them up. I need to!

Niecey said...

I love the hair. And those photos are wow!

Rachel said...

beautiful photos! You guys have beautiful children =)