Our new little bunny ...

Our new baby bunny lionead.  She hasn't gotten her Lion-mane yet, but she will!  She's a rare Blue Eyed White Lionhead.  Princess named her "Princess Lulu"


To see more pictures of Lulu, check out Dustbunny Rabbits, the blog.


Niecey said...

What a beauty!

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I'm pretty certain our bunnies are mini rex (opal). I'm not 100% certain yet whether they were all peanuts as I initially suspected.
I know I did a million things wrong. I wasn't expecting the babies, I was unprepared, the cage was completely wrong, I had no idea what to do. If they weren't peanuts, it means it was my fault they died. The mother was feeding the babies, she pulled fur, she loved them. I didn't have the environment for her. I'm so torn up about it. I'm still grieving about these baby bunnies, and dreaming about them at night.

Anyway, mum and dad bunny are separated now until they get spayed, they're in the same room, with their separate cages beside each other, because they are bonded already. I do love bunnies, and baby bunnies. I just can't go through that again.

Niecey said...

Thank you for your encouragement (sorry, didn't know where else to write this). It means a lot to me.

SunnyMomma said...

No problem! I am sorry for your loss.