5 days until we move!

Just 5 days until our official moving date ...

However, Tuesday evening, we will be doing a walk-through, and receiving the keys.  We've been told we can begin moving things into the garage at that point.  

I am so excited to BE MOVED.  I've just begun to really dislike MOVING.  I used to love it - packing up boxes, labeling everything, the anticipation of it all.  But I now want roots.  I want to settle down and stay put for a while!

It seems that there has always been an unspoken rule of moving nature --- as soon as I finally have everything *just* where I want it, the decor all perfected, the furniture just right, etc ... THAT is the moment we decide to move.  

I just want to stay put for a while ... put up a white picket fence, and make a home that we can then sit back and enjoy!

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