I ♥ Faces - Pets

Those who know me, will understand how DIFFICULT it was to choose a photo!  We adore our pets, and we have many of them ... making pet photos really fun!  Do I go with a picture of TigerLily the cat with her funky haircut?  How about Lucy, the sweet and crazy Schnauzer?  Maybe one of the bunnies?  Or go all exotic, and take pictures of hubby's rosy boas

If you know me, you also know how AWFUL I am at making decisions!

I finally settled on this picture of 3 week old Lionheads.  
They are out of Bella and Edward, and are proving to be just as snuggly as their parents:


♥ Baby Bunnies!!!


Rebecca said...

That is absolutely adorable

Kaitlynn Chritton said...

What a cute photo! Great shot.

everydaymom2005 said...

This is so cute it makes me feel all warm and fuzy inside.