A year with Lucy

We've now had Lucy for over a year!  We got her when she was just 7 weeks old and she was just tiny and cute!  It was a tough year with her ... she was a nippy, yappy, obnoxious little puppy, and was a PAIN to housebreak.  I officially hate the puppy stage.  She turned one in July, and it was like a magic switch was flipped.  She now listens, and can obey.  She is like a totally different dog.

I am so glad we stuck through the awful puppy stage.  She is now very sweet, rather well behaved, and her barking can be controlled when we tell her quiet.  I still need to go through obedience training with her, but for the most part, she's a good little family dog!  

We were sad to see how much she's grown (she's about 15 lbs, and came to us at 3 lbs), until we saw someone selling a 4 month old Minature Schnauzer.  That puppy was seriously 2x the size of Lucy.  Lucy is pretty much full grown, and compared to many Minature Schnauzers, she's still puppy sized.  We love it!

Anyways, happy one-year anniversary to us and Lucy!  Guess I should actually get out her AKC papers and send them in to register her (oops!)


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Kate said...

she is a cuttie! I don't care, nor ever want, a indoor dog. But she is a keeper for sure! :)