Very first Attempt at HDR

My first, and pretty lame attempt at HDR still needs documented, don't you think?

Today is just plain, normal day.  I think HDR really stands out with night time shots, and shots including water or clouds.  I didn't have any of that today ... but why wait to try it out on a gorgeous moment?  May as well figure it out BEFORE that moment shows up, I reasoned.

So, I used a view out my backyard, hope the neighbors don't mind all the camera attention!

The 3 original photos, taken at 100 iso, AEB at -1, 0, and +1, followed by the HDR image:

I think for future images, I need to dust off the tripod.  I never use a tripod, unless I HAVE to, and I think HDR should be in the HAVE to category.

My picture may not be *amazing*, but it was fun to learn how!

Here's links to some AMAZING pictures:

If you're ever bored, and want to be amazed by the photographers out there, check out the HDR Flicker Pool

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