Our Love Story: Part 2

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Our Love Story



A couple weeks into school, I made the resolve with my roomates to eat sunday dinners together. We all ate at the cafeteria, so we would meet there and eat together. I had a meeting that afternoon, so I stayed in my khaki skirt, cute shirt, and a sparkly silver ribbon tied in a bow around my tidy ponytail. After my meeting, I pulled out an airmail letter, so I could respond to my boyfriend's latest letter, and address his concern for me to be in a school surrounded by all those RM's, the scary-marraige-hungry-returned-missionaries. Some guys can be such worry worts! There was no way I would get swept off my feet by some other guy!

    My stomach growled as I wrote my letter. I was hungry, and the letter was getting tedious. It was getting closer to dinner time, and the lounge began to fill with other hungry students. I stared at the paper, trying to decide what to write, when someone sat on the bench next to me. I glanced up, started to go back to my letter, when my eyes shot up again. Sitting next to me was one of the cutest guys I'd seen in months, smiling at me with his blue eyes.

    “Hi” he said with a grin. “Hi” I replied, then causually went back to my letter, watching the guy in my preripheral vision to see what he'd do. I didn't know why, but I didn't want him to disapear when I wasn't looking out of the corner of my eye.

    “So, you writin' a letter?” He asked. I quietly chuckled to myself. This guy was observant … since it was obvious to the whole room that I was indead writing a letter. “Yep.” I said … as if he really even needed an answer. Maybe he wasn't as cute as my first glance had led me to believe. As I glanced up to get a better look at him, he asked about my letter. “A boyfriend or just a friend?”

    I looked the guy over. My first glance had not been acurate. He was much more handsome than I'd noticed! He had blue eyes that seemed endless, blonde hair in a nice clean cut style. His suit fit him just perfectly, and his deep blue tie with sunflowers caught my eye. I loved sunflowers – they were by far my favorite creation that God had made. Who was I kidding – he was gorgeous in a rugged but clean cut way, someone whose appearance screamed “Eagle Scout”.

    I had to think quickly to answer his “boyfriend or friend” question. I was a bit in a pickle. I used the whole “writing my missionary” line to scare the boys away … but I didn't want to scare this guy away. There was something about him, and I didn't want him to get up and walk to some other girl. I wanted to keep him all to myself … I'd go back to my missionary later.

    “Just a friend” I answered quickly, shoving the letter out of his, and my sight. I put by bag aside, and turned towards the object of my interest. He smiled at me. “I'm D” he said, and I noticed his eyes crinkled as he smiled. My stomach was filled with butterflies. Those eyes. I could get lost in them … I wanted to get lost in them!

    I don't remember what we talked about, but his eyes had sucked me in. I didn't notice when others around went inside the now-open cafeteria to eat. I was focused on this guy, it was just the two of us, the world melted away as I listened intently to whatever he was saying. My roomates called me out of my dream world – I glanced at them, and back at this guy, not wanting to stand up and break the spell I was under.

    Finally, I stood. He stood. We stood there, both of us not wanting our “moment” to end. “Well, see ya in there” he said. I smiled, trying not to scrunch my nose in response to my roomates calling to me across the room. Roomates come first. This is just a passing boy. I almost believed myself. Almost.

    I followed my roomates into the cafeteria. We got our food, and I began to follow them to the six-person table they'd saved for just us. Then I noticed that same guy sitting alone at a table in the back of the room. He saw me looking at him, and nodded his head, with a slight smirk. He looked like he was just going to eat happily until some well meaning co-ed decided to befriend him. Heavens knows there were pleanty of desperate girls in that cafeteria. Oh, his confidence annoyed me. I sighed inwardly. My roomates glared at me as they followed my line of sight. “We promised to eat dinner together”. I looked at them with an appologetic cringe, shrugged my shoulders, and knowing they would never forgive me, I walked past our reserved table, and over to him.

To Be Continued ... 


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