Little Girls and Horses

Princess has been taking riding lessons for a couple months, and even had her first horse show.  The girl finds kindred spirits in the horses she rides, but she has a special attachment to "Pepper".

Pepper is 20 years old, and is gentle and calm.  She is soft, quiet, and patient.  And she's as sweet as can be.  Everyone loves Pepper.  And what's not to love?  She can sense a child's nervousness, and holds very still as they mount.  She lov

AngelBaby has watched her big sister riding, and told me that she wants to ride too.  She starts lessons in 2 weeks.  She is so excited that she wears her riding helmet around the house, and has her new boots set out, just waiting to be worn.

I love that my girls are "into" horses.  With all the chaos and world messages out there, riding horses is positive, uplifting, and builds self-esteme.  It was only a couple months ago that Princess started riding.  She was nervous, scared, and had no confidence in herself or her horse.  Now, she sits tall in the saddle, pats Pepper's neck, and smiles as she clicks her tongue to begin trotting around the arena.  

The world of horses is wonderful.


Speaking of Horses, there's a really cute line at Gymboree right now called "Cowgirls at Heart"

Princess's Birthday is this week, and I picked up new clothes for her - I couldn't resist these outfits!

I've also made some appliqued T-shirts for her to ride in.  One has a boot applique, I still have to finish the horseshoe shirt and the pony shirt.  I'll have to remember to take pictures and post them!


School starts in just 3 weeks.  In two weeks, we are taking the kids somewhere special to celebrate their birthdays:

We are all really excited!

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