Getting Close ...

I'm 31 weeks and 2 days, and our OB and perinatologist have let me know that if we can make it to the 37 week "full-term" mark, that's as far as they are willing to let me go.  Which means that we have less than 6 weeks left.

Let the countdown begin:

We were in Labor and Delivery last night until about 2 am.  My blood pressure had spiked up, I felt crummy, and my head was pounding, so we headed in to make sure the pre-eclampsia hadn't progressed.  Two weeks ago, the perinatologist diagnosed us with "mild pre-e", so at this point we're just trying to buy time with more bedrest (been on partial to full bedrest for 6 weeks, and on full bedrest until our baby comes).  At L&D, they were able to stable me (BP went down to 110/68!), and my labs looked good.  I just have to do a 24 hr urinalysis again to check that my proteins haven't gone up any further (we were around 400ish last time we did the u/a), and go back in tomorrow morning for some more monitoring.

So, fun times.  I get to sleep the day away, and poor DH got the kids off to school, then headed into work.  I feel bad for him - he was exhausted this morning.  He keeps joking that this baby isn't even born yet, and she's already depriving us of our sleep.  He also told me that this is good practice for the sleep deprivation in the months to come.  He's a sweetheart!

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Kermit~the~Frog said...

Gosh, I'm sorry about the pre-e. I can barely keep my blood pressure about 100 when I'm pregnant, I can't imagine what you are going through.

Prayers for making it the next six weeks. I am 35 weeks, so let's make sure I have my daughter before you have yours!