Profound Stranger

We haven't been getting much sleep the past couple days ... miss SweetPea has't been feeling great.  I am super behind on the laundry, and had no clean clothes, so this morning I pulled my hair back into an unbrushed ponytail and threw on some jeans and an old geeky t-shirt DH got from a conference that says

are Sexy

Probably one of the less classy shirts we own.  I'm not even sure what it means ... some geek joke maybe?

As I took DH to work, I called the pediatrician to see if they could see SweetPea today.  The available appointment was right away, so I couldn't go home to change.  I was a little mortified ... no make up, a grungy outfit, and a tangled ponytail.  Oh well, that's life, right?

After the appointment, SweetPea and I headed to our favorite target to get her Rx filled (she has a sinus/upper resp. infection).  At the pharmacy, an older lady was sitting on a bench, waiting for a prescription.  She commented on my car-seat canopy, and asked how old my baby was.  She told me about her grandchildren, and asked about my children.  Then, out of the blue, she looked at me, and said "Dear, you are beautiful!  Your features are just so pretty."  I was taken aback.  "uh, thank you" I told her a little confused.  I commented how I was just sort of grungy and thrown together today.  She smiled kindly, and said "Dear, beauty isn't what you do in the morning - its just who you are."  

Sweet lady at target ... with 5 children and 12 grandchildren, with the sweet look of a very huggable grandma, you seriously touched my life.  That meant more to me than you could have known.  Fighting PPD comes with crummy self-esteem, and I'm not a person who receives many complements - especially not about my appearance or beauty.  To have you look at me with such sincerity and tell me that I'm beautiful .... I will never forget that!

My new favorite quote is from you:
"Dear, beauty isn't what you do in the morning - its just who you are."

Such profound words from a woman I didn't know ... you are one of those strangers that come into our life for a short moment, and without realizing it, you are an angel in the lives of others, and will be remembered by them forever.  Thank you, dear, dear woman!

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