Self portrait

I took some "self portraits" today, and one of them is way too pretty to be reality, but I still like it. It's what I want to look like always, who I want to see when I look into a mirror. The me who is pretty and smiling and looks great. The other is a self-portrait of who i really am ... A portrait of motherhood ... Tired, no makeup, snuggling a teething baby, wearing the extra pounds from pregnancy and stress. It's almost like the two pictures can't both be me.

The picture of me holding SweetPea really just represents me, I adore my job as a mother. It's hard and frustrating and exhausting, but it's also beautiful, sweet, and incredible in so many ways.

Sometimes I feel like I'm "just a mom", didn't finish college, don't have a career, my whole life revolves around my family. But honestly, I love being "just a mom". I am so blessed to be able to stay home and raise my babies. I get to be there when they get out of school. They might adore me, they might think I'm so uncool, but they will remember that I was always there for them.

And THAT is who I am ... Their mother.

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