The Beginning

So, I have joined the blogging world. I've read other people's blogs for a few months, but never felt like I had anything worth saying ... or at least nothing worth reading. Perhaps I don't, but that's why there's thousands of other blogs for you to move on to, and I get some release getting my thoughts out of my head and onto my on little spot on the internet. Feel free to move on.

Thank goodness for a new year, 2006 - there's nowhere to go but up this year. 2005 was easily the crummiest, most horrid year of my life. Not to be dramatic or anything, it just really stunk. The previous two years had led up to 2005, and then the straw broke the camel's back ... or at least my little self-centered world. I feel like I've been through heck. I suppose in my own way, I have. Enough of that for now though, I'm just glad to leave 2005 behind.

So, being a 1980 baby, 2005 marked my 25th birthday ... my life has now spanned a quarter of a century. And I'm now in my mid 20s. Who would have guessed that at 25 I'd be here, with 3 little munchkins calling me mommy, and a doting husband of almost 6 years. It's weird. I always thought I'd go backpacking through Europe, return to India, and visit my old stomping ground in Singapore before "settling down". But life has been a whirlwind, and I've been blown through it all very quickly. Not that I havn't seen my share of the world, I have. I just miss being carefree, and not worrying so much.

Worrying seems to have become a growth on my shoulder. Perhaps is was part of that baby weight I've gained, but I have a feeling this is one weight I will never loose. Motherhood can be a beautiful calling, but with it comes more sleepless nights, headaches, sicknesses, and anxiety than I knew was possible for one person to experience. Just thinking about it is sending me into a nap-needing frenzy. Welcome to Motherhood!


Andrea said...

welcome to blogging sunny!

Steph said...

Hey Sunny, I'm 25, have 3 kids, and have been married for almost 6 years. WOW!

Welcome to blogging! :D

Rachelle said...

Welcome to the blogging world. You shall soon be addicted

Linsey said...

Welcome Sunny!