Sleeping with blankies

I need sleep. My 2 youngest are sick, and have been waking up at least twice during the night. AngelBaby has been wanting a bottle, and Princess has been crying and whining that her _____ hurts (fill the blank with almost anything ... teeth, toes, tummy, head, neck, hair, etc.) I am tired and cranky from falling asleep on the couch by 8:30, and waking up exhausted!

So, Last night DH kicked me off the couch, telling me to go to bed, and all I remember was pulling up the covers on the bed, and feeling so warm and snuggled under my down comforter and wedding quilt. What is it with blankets that gives me a feeling of safety and love? For a very long time, I had my special blankie ... a blue and white crib blanket with quilted butterflies and flowers, and Prarie Point edging. I slept with it from the day I was born ... until the day I got married. Okay, in all honesty, it also was with me during my three labors, and I probably would still sleep with it, except that our wedding quilt has the same feel as my little blankie, so it has become my grown-up blankie :) I'm just attatched to super snuggly cozy blankets.

So, there are these blankies and other baby items called Taggies. They are super cute, so I madeAngelBaby one. Since they are patented, I didn't actually make a Taggie . . . just a ribbon-edged-blanket-lovie. It's about 24"x24". With my girls being sick, I wanted to made them something that could comfort them, and give them the same "snuggled-in-someone's-love" feeling I have when it comes to blankets. Here's AngelBaby's:

So, now I'm just waiting for "princess" ribbon so I can make Princess one as well. I think she'll like it ... considering she keeps wanting to snuggle AngelBaby's blankie, smoothing the ribbons in her fingers. I'll have to post some pictures of that one when it's finished. Oh, and the best part - it only took about 15 minutes to make!


Julie said...

Those blankies turned out so cute!! My kids love blankets. They each have a favorite that they sleep with.

Rachelle said...

Love those blankets. I need to get Cam one. Maybe soon!

ShelahBooksIt said...

very cute!

MusicalMom said...

I so want a taggie!!!!! I just can't bring myself to pay $20+ for one, and I'm not motivated enough to go out and buy ribbon.

QueenMeadow said...

So cute!!!

Ian has a blankie, how did you keep yours from dying? He has only used his for 3 years and its getting so thin. I'm terrified of the day it falls apart.

Linsey said...

I LOVE blankets. I crank the AC in the summer so I can still snuggle up in a blanket.

Those turned out SO cute!!!