Bringing Toys Back to Life

You know how your child is amazed by a certain toy at a playdate or at the store ... and they get filled with excitement? As a mother, this excitement prompts a gleam in my eye - and the excitement is passed on to me. Perhaps *this* could be the toy that will entertain them for 20 minutes straight, and still be just as exciting the next day. What would I do with 20 quiet minutes in a day? That's 7,300 minutes in a year! It's enough to make a mother-of-three-age-4-and-under giddy!

Now, new moms, before you sit on the edge of your seat, I am sorry to announce that this magical toy does not exist. If someone with more experience disagrees with me - PLEASE, I beg of you, share your secret!

What tends to happen in my case is that I eagerly buy my children the new toy, almost as excited as they. We bring it home, and all are entertained, including DH. It continues to be exciting for about 2 weeks. After that two weeks, it is tossed into the heap of toys that is thrown out of the toys box twice a day. Oh, sure - they still play with it ... though sporadically at best.

WELL my friends, and fellow mothers. Look no further, I have the answer to the dying toy. Simply move houses! Box the toys up, leave your children toy-less for 2 weeks, then slowly begin to unpack the boxes. Suddenly toys will come back to life! It's miraculous!

Of course, the fact that they are slightly feeling better from all the medicines the Dr has them on after 2 weeks of laying around the house miserable ... nah, that has nothing to do with it. I guess this new-toy-excitement that is filling our house as I unpack toy boxes may fade in a couple weeks (shh! Don't ruin my bliss!)

I still think it's miraculous! ;)


MusicalMom said...

That's SO true!

And I'm so sorry about the RSV. My daughter had it at 5 weeks and we were admitted to the hospital. She was diagnosed with bronchiolitis a month or two ago. I was relieved because I was afraid it was RSV again!

emlouisa said...

I'm well aware of the toy issue here too. We moved A's toys from the family room to his room today while we cleaned the carpet and he was totally excited to play with his toys just because they were in a seperate room!

I decided I should start hiding toys for a couple weeks or so and then slowly introduce them again. Maybe he's actually play with them!

Lei said...

Oh yes - when it's time for a garage sale around here, unspoken feelings for toys that have been unseen for months, come out of the woodwork! My advice - time it before birthdays and Christmas and you'll save yourself a bundle. Lol!

Linsey said...

I rotate toys, we take half at a time, every few weeks we put them away to "go on a trip" and the new ones come back in town. Works like a charm.

Rachelle said...

I've already noticed that with Camden. We rotate toys - bring upstairs ones down and take some to other rooms. That seems to help a little bit.

The Constant Gardener said...

Only buy toys on Christmas and Birthdays...that's my secret!

SuAnn said...

so true! I was going through toys to donate to nursery because we had so many and i was tired of tripping over them, well wouldn't you know it, the kids decided to start playing with these toys again, so I just waited until they were napping and then gave them away... Enjoy it while it lasts!