Shouldn't I be mad?

I feel a little guilty ... perhaps that I'm letting my children slide by the rules. But, they won't be little for long, so I may as well start laughing at the things that "will be funny someday". Yesterday was filled with those experiences.

Yesterday morning Princess brought me her teddy bear, and showed me that, in sharing her chocolate milk with teddy, he had gained a light brown milk mustache. It was quite becoming on Teddy - he looked quite healthy in
Princess's opinion, so she declined my offer to stick him in the washing machine for "a bath". A little while later, my Princess took teddy with her into the bathroom. While in there, she ran across mommy's nice shampoo. It made mommy's hair smell so good, and mommy used the conditioner to make Princess's hair so soft ... wouldn't teddy be so soft and smell so sweet if she washed his hair? Yes, I came into the bathroom, slipping and sliding across sticky shampoo. Princess had shampoo everywhere ... especially the big puddle on the top or her head, dripping down the back of her shirt - with a matching puddle on top of Teddy's head. Teddy and Princess promptly had their first joyous bath together ... in the morning none the less!

Then there was yesterday afternoon. I took a load of laundry into my room where my children were (*supposed to be*) watching Mulan. I plopped onto my bed with my kids, and only after I was halfway through folding clothes did I notice the creative use of black crayon, decorating my master bedroom walls with a mountain mural. I should have immediately delt with the situation, but instead I had to leave the room for a good chuckle (cringe!). My son was a pretty darn good artist! I knew from first glance that he had drawn the mountains from the opening scene of Mulan - he'd even snow-capped a couple of the higher peaks! I tried so hard to go back in with a straight face and explain how we don't use crayons on the walls ... can I just admit here and now that I still haven't cleaned the walls? I just smiled all day when I saw my mountainous wall, then chidded myself for not being more matronly.

All I can say is thank goodness for Magic Erasers and Running water!


Rachelle said...

Cute stories! You make me want to be a mom again and again.

Lei said...

another mom i could learn so much from... :)

emlouisa said...

I would have freaked. You're a good mom!

Sara said...

Your kids are so stinkin cute i'd be putty.

Mama D said...

I just found you through 'Des Mamans'. I will be back.

Perhaps your son will one day become a famous artist and buy you a new house that hasn't been colored on.

The Constant Gardener said...

Please tell me you took pictures!