Dentist, Elliot Yamin, and ER Finale

This past week has been interesting to say the least. Friday was DH & my 6 year anniversary. DH stayed home from work, and took over complete child-duty while and I slept in until 10, then woke up and showered, blow-dried and straightened my hair, and shaved BOTH my legs in the tub. I havn't had a morning like that in, oh ... 4 1/2 years? It was heavenly.

Unfortunantly, our anniversary was ruined by my trip to the dentist later that day. It was my 4th and (supposedly) final visit. The dentist shot me up with novacane, then left to see another patient, and the assistant went to talk to another coworker. As I was sitting there, I realised my teeth were not getting numb, but that my upper left side of my face was. I couldn't hardly keep my eye open - and my forhead was tingling. I finally got the dentist's attention, and was told that this sort of things happen - it's pretty normal. Normal or not, I was not happy about it! Then he tried drilling --- it KILLED! He couldn't get me numb enough, and even through the nitrus oxide was turned to 90%, I was anything but relaxed.

After 3 "not-bad" experiences at the dentist, I had my 3 hours in HECK. I ended up having a panic attack, but was terrified that if I moved, it would hurt worse. I kept gagging, since the Assistant couldn't seem to keep her eyes on the suction tube, and was watching the movie they'd put on for me. That may be why the Nitrus Oxide wasn't working - when I panic, I hold my breath, and if I didn't hold my breath, I gagged.

Now, A full week later, and my whole mouth KILLS. DH looked and said there's a huge black & blue bruise looking thing next to the teeth that had been worked on. It hurts to chew almost everything - even soft PB&J sandwiches, and cold drinks hurt really bad. My mouth is very angry at me. And in return, I am angry with my dentist, who says it's normal, and wrote me a fourth perscription for 20 percocet. Dude, are you trying to give me a drug addiction?! I've quit the narcotics, and have been using IBprofin for 3 days now, but once the medicine wears off, it hurts so badly - and I get a migraine from the pain. I'm really hating dentists right now.

So, in other news, Elliot Yamin was elimenated off American Idol. After this week's show, it was pointed out to me that (according to BIL & fam) Elliot looks a bit like someone else who is famous, and happens to be a dear character from one of my all-time favorite books.

Elliot Yamin, meet my friend Mr Tumnus:

After last night, I am contimplating composing a hate-letter to NBC. I am very offended with them. How dare they do this to me. I can't stand waiting for the next season of ER!!! DH and I sat with tears in our eyes as the show ended. How will I survive the summer not knowing if Abby and Luka are okay? And how lame would it be if one was okay, and the other was not. I did cheat and look ahead at next season, but it just didn't give me enough information, though I can attempt to make a few deductions. Dang you NBC, I thought you were my friends. Jerks.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I don't have anything exciting planned, but I'll come up with something :)

............... well, some excitement (eye roll). I called my dentist in total pain, and he said this isn't normal, so I am going in tonight so he can run some tests to see what the deal is. He said on the phone he thinks one of my deeper fillings may have hit a nerve, and that's causing all this pain. I'm not excited about going in. How's that for an exciting weekend?


Michelle said...

Oh my god. How incredibly awful! I absolutely detest going to the dentists - the smells, the pain, that taste in my mouth, but especially the sounds. I hope everything gets better for you, it definately didn't sound normal. And seriously do write that letter..

QueenMeadow said...

I'm so sorry, that is so sucky :(. I hope its something easy to take care of, not that going to the dentist is ever easy. ((hugs))

maloneydds said...

Sounds like you've had a rough time at the dentist...the lingering pain after the appointment doesn't sound right.

I would advise you to see an endodontist--it's a dentist, who spent 2-3 years after dental school training in diagnosing dental pain, performing root canals, getting patients adequately anesthetized (numb) for the procedures, and managing any post-op sensitivity.

I'm a general dentist in Virginia: I send all of my patients who need root canals or have pain like you're describing to the endodontist, b/c they are specialists and it's the best for my patients.

Best of Luck.