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My Grandpa H. Grandpa is very dear to me. He loved to tell his stories, and I adored listening to them. I desperately wanted to get his life history story from him, but I never did. He lived an amazing life, and was an incredable man. I've blogged a little about him last week.

Grandpa was from Alberta, Canada. He grew up riding to school through the snow on their horse, with his siblings sitting on the same horse with him. We had a family reunion in Canada that same summer I turned nine, and we saw "the homestead". Through school, there was one thing my Grandpa *really* adored - basketball. He ended up coaching high school basketball for a few years.

When he was in his late-teens, the War started. He and his brother enlisted in Her Royal Majesty's Army. I believe they both went Airforce. Neither of them ever left for the war. Grandpa's brother was killed in a plane training, and Grandpa was discharged when they diagnosed him with Diabetes. Grandpa always talked about his brother with tears in his eyes. They had been very close, and I know grandpa missed him very much.

Grandpa met Grandma at BYU, and they settled in Utah. Grandpa was a Math & Science teacher, and LOVED his work, and his subjects. When I was in 2nd grade, I remember looking through the names of the authors of one of my textbooks, and my Grandpa's name was there! I though science was pretty cool that year!

Grandpa loved to run. Once I was old enough (fast enough to keep up :), I would wake up at 6am to go running with Grandpa. He'd slow down enough so I could keep up, and we'd jog to the local college track field. Grandpa would run the stairs, then laps, and I'd run or kick around a soccer ball. I loved that time with my Grandpa. One thing we were very proud of were his participations in the Huntsman World Senior Games, Grandpa ended up on the front of their ad posters one year ... and he was FAST! Grandpa was an amazing runner ... even in his 70's.

Two years ago, grandpa got sick. He needed heart surgery to replace the valves. He also got pnuemonia not long after. He was in and out of the hospital, and I think when the Dr instisted No running, no walking, grandpa didn't know what to do, and lost the will to get better.

We visited with Grandpa last year in November. I knew it was going to be the last time I ever saw him, and I wanted to remember him as happily as I could. When my mom and Aunt and Uncles left to grab take-out for everyone, I sat with him, just me, grandma, DH and Grandpa. Grandpa looked so much in pain. He could hardly move, couldn't get out of bed, and was in a lot of pain. It broke my heart.

Grandma reminded us of that summer I turned nine, and Grandpa's face lit up. He barely spoke, but I could see his eyes sparkling as we laughed about the suprise party, and how when we visited Canada that year, I'd been the one to ride with them in their truck (we'd gotten to the border, and the customs officer asked if we had any animals or produce with us. My grandparents said no, and I piped up and said, nope, just my kitty Snowball. I think grandma went into a panic, lol, and grandpa just laughed. It took some convincing that I was just refering to my stuffed animal.). Grandma remembered so many details, and we laughed - DH hadn't heard many of the stories, so he was enjoying it! And the peaceful look that came over Grandpa, with his eyes sparkling, was what I remember vividly whenever I think of Grandpa Passing away.

Grandpa finally left his amazing mortal life in early December of 2005. He was surrounded by his children and wife, and slipped away peacefully. I know he was VERY ready to go, and I can just imagine the reunions he had in heaven, especially with his dear brother. I didn't go to the funeral - I was in Denver, and took care of my siblings and the household while my mom went. I was happy with not going though. I didn't want to mourn - I wanted to celebrate Grandpa's life, and I wanted my last memory of him to be that night we sat and talked with him.

Grandpa lived a beautiful, spiritual life, and I know that I will see him again - and I look forward to sitting next to him in heaven, and listening to his full life story that I always wanted to record. He was a wonderful example, and I hope to be able to be half the incredable person he was. I love you Grandpa!

Yesterday was AngelBaby's first experience with church nursery. I took her in to meet the teachers (technically she's not 18 months until the 10th of June), but she did so well - went with the other toddlers, and never even glanced back for me. Bittersweet! I actually sat through my church meetings, being able to listen peacefully, and learn from the lessons taught. I havn't been able to do that in almost 5 years, and it's been really hard on me. I loved it!

Here's AngelBaby's before nursery and after nursery pictures!!!

Nursery really wore her out ... it was WONDERFUL!!!


Diana - Teacher Mom said...

I'm sorry to hear about all of the loss you have experienced. It was nice to read your story about them. You put a lot of thought into this post. Thanks for sharing.

PS: Sophie-bug is absolutely adorable.

Andrea said...

Very thoughtful post.

Kristen said...

Beautiful tributes!

Sophie looks like they wore her out in the nursery! She's so cute!

Lei said...

Grandparents have the best life stories, don't they? So much to learn from them!!! Enjoyed your tribute. :)