Tucker-ed tuesday :)

I am tired today. It's been a busy week, in a good, fulfilling way. It started with a call I recieved Thrusday night, asking if DH and I would speak in church the upcoming sunday ... only 2 full days away. The crazies we are, we said okay.

Thursday night was busy but a total blast. I had a GNO with MOF Katie. It was so much fun, and talking with another adult mother for 2 hours was blissful. I could have stayed chatting all night ... but the unlimited chip & salsa bowl would have done some serious damage to my already fluffed waist. Seriously, Chili's has the best chips and salsa! Katie - We need make that GNO a regular thing, I had so much fun.

At chili's I got a Chocolate moulten cake to-go, and drove over to my SIL's house. She is 8 months pg ... and in continuous early labor. I dropped off the cake, where it was greeted with the eyes of a chocolate-desperate pregnant woman, then headed home.

That night, BIL-A came into town, so DH and BIL-G went fishing with him through the weekend. Gotta love mountain rivers and fat fish for stealing your DH
for an entire weekend.

Saturday, DH and I took the kids to the evil establishment of McDonalds. Lucky for us, there was a parade down-town, so we had the playplace to ourselves ... except for one seriously hung-over mother with her stinkin' adorable daughter who followed Superboy around like an adoring puppy. BTW - the "CARS" toys in the happy meals ROCK. They are really NICE ... not what we expected from a happy meal box.

Then we dropped DH off in the mountains to fish with his brothers. On a whim, I stopped by SIL's house, and offered to take her kids with mine to see the CARS movie so she could rest. Her babysitter took the two babies, and I took the 4 older kids (ages 2,3,4 &5). We loved the movie -Princess (2) was laughing like crazy whenever she thought the movie was funny ... which was every 5 minutes or so. With only 2 bathroom runs, the movie was a success.

Then we went and picked up my little one, and made sure SIL was resting, then my nieces came over for 6 glorious hours. I may not be able to have 5 kids super close together, but it was actually quite heavenly --- they played the entire time, completely entertaining each other.

That night, I was up late finishing my talk. Sunday morning went well. I felt prepared, and it went very smoothly ... with the exception of AngelBaby who ate 3/4 of a yellow crayon. Thank you crayola for making those crayons safe to eat.

After church, I was asked if I would become the new Sunbeams teacher ... 2 hours with the 3-4 year olds. I'm so excited, sunbeams might be a handful, but they are SO stinkin cute!

After church, we all crashed, and slept until 5:30 (about 4 1/2 hours!) The kids were exhausted, it was wonderful to sleep.

Yesterday (monday), I mowed and weeded my gardens ... since at church we were kindly offered the use of someone's lawn mower. Very thoughtful, but we have a lawn mower ... I guess we're supposed to actually use it sometimes (blush).

Today, my Visiting teachers are coming over, and tomorrow DH is taking a paid day off of work to be with ME. Du du du da du, I'm lovin' it!


Andrea said...

busy girl Sunny!! Sunbeams are cute ;)

Michelle said...

Sounds like you've had a BUSY week!

Rachau said...

What a busy week!But a fun one.I love the sunbeams.They are so cute.