Sunbeam aged children are the CUTEST things in the world. They are the 3-4 year old sunday school class at church, and have the shortest attention span, and the sweetest innocence.

Oh, and they say the most random things!!!

Quotes from today's class:

"My favorite food is broco-wee and soyee-beans."

"Let just sneak out when the teachers aren't looking and go find our mommies"

"I'm catching the dust bunnies" (waving hands wildly through the air)

"Can I pet your dress teacher?" (I had a velvet skirt)

"My mommy's name is *Jane Doe*, but I have to call her mom."

"I have four sisters, and a mom and a daddy, but no brothers, except my brother in Heaven."

"My mommy has a baby boy in her tummy" (This mom just had a baby girl two months ago, lol)

AND THE GRAND FINALE (aka, closing prayer):

"Dear Heavenly Father, please bless us that the big bad wolf won't come to our house, and that we can go home with our mommy and be safe again."

DH visited my class and kept trying to hide his laughter. He was a bad example, lol ... since I was having a hard enough time keeping a straight face myself.


Taffi said...

How cute are they? LOL

QueenMeadow said...

How cute!! My youngest is a Sunbeam and he can come up with some great random stuff, great age :)

Michelle said...

Oh my god, that is too cute, how can you stand it? :)

Stephanie said...

Sunbeams are the best. I remember when my oldest's teacher came to me and asked me if we had a rough morning at our house. I looked at her funny and said yes. She said in my DD's prayer she asked if mommy and daddy would play nice and mommy wouldn't use her dragon voice.

The dust bunny thing came from a movie called "My Neighbor Totoro", cute little Japanese cartoon.

I can't wait to hear more.

emlouisa said...

Hilarious! I love little kids!

Stacy said...

And how sweet and sincere was that little prayer? Awww Kids are SO cute!

Melissa said...

aaaa, how dang cute! I love the prayer!!!

Linsey said...

Ah, yes I teach the sunbeams too! My husband and I always joke that we know WAAAAY more about many of the parents in the ward than we should thanks to thier 3-4 year olds!!!