Dora Party over ... dino party to come.

It's done with ... the dora party is finished. I'm still recovering :) - but now I have to get on the ball for SuperBoy's birthday (it's next week).

Here's some pictures:

Party Bags (I made eight (one for each child), but didn't have enough since some older kids took them too. It turned out okay though, since no one paid much attention to them .... over half of them just got left here anyways):

The lapse in parental judgement PiƱata that Princess just had to have.

Lollipop Flowers ... my kids helped make them. Then we hid the box in the backyard, and went on an adventure.

Her Cake ... Pink Strawberry cake with Pink strawberry frosting, and Fairy Tale Dora on top.

Opening her first gift.

Yummy-smelling strawberry shortcake doll --- she's been taking her to bed, so the sweet smell will give her sweet dreams!

And Princess's first make-up, Ai Yi Yi! Maybe she'll stop "borrowing" my Clinique now!


Lei said...

That looks like an ADORABLE party! Love the bags!

Lee said...

What a great party! My 3 year old didn't get a rocking one like that. You are a great Mom!

emlouisa said...

Fun! And we have that same polka dot wrapping paper! Good taste!