SuperBoy is now in Kindergarten! He started on Monday - even rode the bus to and from school. It was so cute! He loves his class, and already has two little girlfriends, and sits at a table with 5 other "cool boys", lol. He is so excited for tomorrow to come already, so he can have his fourth day of Kindergarten.

This morning I was feeling a little sad, so I asked SuperBoy if he would give me a hug before getting on the school bus. His reply: "Only if no one sees!" I did not end up getting a hug, lol. I just can't believe my Kindergartener is already too cool to hug his mom in public. I'm missing my momma's boy!

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Kristen said...

I'm dreading next year when my little girl goes to kindergarten. Dreading with a capital "D". I'm glad he's enjoying himself, though. It's just so hard sometimes to watch them grow up and not need us as much.