Today's the day, the sun is shining, the tank is clean...

The tank is clean!?!

Cyber Brownies and Diet Coke if you can name the movie.

Anyhow, today is SuperBoy's birthday party. The theme: dinosaurs. I am making an ambitious cake, have several fun activities, and went a bit overboard with the favors. I think it will be great ... I just have to remember to take pictures!

My foot is still in the walking cast, but to add too it, my other foot is slightly lower, even in my tennies with inserts, so I have hurt my lower back. All I want to do is lay down, find a possition where it hurts less, and lay there all day. Unfortunately, I need to finish the cake, bury the dinosaur eggs in the sandbox, and weed my forest of a front yard. I'm serious ... it's a forest - some of the flowers wildflowers (fine, I'll be honest) WEEDS are taller than my 5 year old. (Who happened to be 47.5" at his 5 yr appt!!!) Wish me luck ... or better yet, do you know any kids who like to be paid to pull weeds? I'm ready to start dishing out the quarters, or heck, even dollars :)

2 hours to the party, and the cake is finished:


Lammy said...

BRowniES & Diet Coke!!! for me!
THanks for visiting our "sisters" site... we have all been on vacation this summer..so we've been lax in writing.

QueenMeadow said...

The cake looks great!! good job.

How did the party go? I bet it was a blast.

Brooke Jean said...

I am amazed with your cake! It looks great. Very, Very clever!

owlhaven said...

awesome cake!!!

Mary, mom to many

Gabriela said...

Cute cake! I am totally impressed.

The Constant Gardener said...

I LOVE it! The lava is so cool! Those rocks and trees look familiar...you must have the same dino set that we have!

Stacy said...


The cake is AMAZING! Great job on it!

Sorry about your foot and back, that doesn't help at all with the weeding OR b-day party does it?

Lisa M. said...

Get feeling better! Goodness.

Finding Nemo.

Oh darn that Lammy.


Very neat cake!

Lei said...

Love it, Sunny! Looks so fun!