Be thou Humble, in thy weakness,
and the Lord thy God shall lead thee
Shall lead thee by the hand
And give the answer to thy prayers.

Last night I had an experience with humility, and the kindness of the gospel. I was able to feel such love and kindness, and to be the recipient of compassion. To humble one's self to accept compassion can be so hard. Our pride gets in the way ... "I can do this myself" is another way of saying "I can do this alone". Sometimes that is perfectly fine, but for other situations, it takes a lot of humility to admit that you're not making it alone, on your own. Is it possible that humility and pride are conflicting emotions? I believe so ... letting go of our pride can be so difficult.

Anyhow, I don't know where this post is going, I just am amazed by the love, kindness, and tenderness the Lord can have for his children, through the works of others. It reminds me to have hope towards the future.


Kristine said...

I've had some experiences lately with being humbled. August seemed to be my month to eat my dose of humble pie. I even blogged about it. It is an amazing process.

I've been sick 2 times in the past week--so bad I couldn't even drive...and I had to call for help both times. Yesterday, the friend who brought my kids home from the bus stayed and did a load of dishes and cleaned some of my kitchen. I was truly touched.

Lisa M. said...

One of the most humbling experiences for me, in my entire life, was when someone took me by the hand and said,

"Lisa, you are denying others the opprotunity to serve, when you say "no", do you really want your fellow men to be denied those blessings?"

Yipes, though I still to this day have a hard time, it's getting easier.