...When I have grown a foot or two ...

My little brother is now a missionary. I can't believe my baby brother is headed to the missionary training center tomorrow! He'll be serving in the Little Rock, AK mission. I am so proud of him - he's the first from our family to serve, and he is such an amazing, amazing kid. I'm on the look out for a darling girl who will be ready to meet him in 2 years and a few months :) He's such an awsome kid.

It was so neat to listen to people talk about him when they met me this weekend. Everyone said what an amazing person he is, and how he is just such a good friend. Even the older people were saying that he was a good friend to them. I've seen him as my cute, but pesky little brother my whole life, and now I see him for what he's grown up into (and I mean grown! He's 6'5" now!), and what others see in him. He's so spiritual, tenderhearted, kind, outgowing, and thoughtful of others... everyone (the girls, the guys, the adults) all describe him as a big gentle teddy-bear. Even playing lacrosse, he'd help the opponants up if he knocked one over ... play hard, but kindness always comes first to him. He's just amazing, and I am so proud of him!

Some sentimental pictures for you!

With our lil sister, and his dog, Lady ... he was 8.

Age 11

I'm biased but I think he's one handsome Elder!
I'm so glad I was able to fly out to be with my family this weekend, see him get set apart as an elder, and help him pack. Being "home" was nice, and I was able to snuggle up with my siblings and just relax ... feel like "one of the kids" who happens to be a mom, instead of "the mom".


Lei said...

he is a handsome guy! i've sent two younger bros off on missions and seen one of the get married. *sniff* it's like they're children of my own!

Sunny said...

I know what you mean Lei ... I feel like I've mothered him his whole life. I can't believe he's reporting today! I feel like I'm sending my baby brother on a mission - like he's still 6 and needs me to take care of him. My mom and I were fussing all over him last night, buying everything we thought he could possibly use. I'm gonna miss this kid, *SNIFF*!!!

Lisa M. said...

Really handsome!

I love the closeness you talk about with your family. It's fantastic.