It's autumn time, the leaves are all around!

Yesterday, after a post-church afternoon nap, we headed out to a local park - camera and fresh batteries in hand. Sadly, this experience made me realise that I am losing respect and patience towards an old friend: My camera is no longer meeting my needs and expectations. I noticed an ad in one of my magazines for one of the new pro-series DSLRs, and I now have lust in my heart. DH hopes we'll be able to indulge at tax-return time, so he can have his wife's attention all to himself again. In spite of the heated words between our less-than-helpful camera and I, here are a few pictures:

SuperBoy & Princess


collecting leaves

Handfuls of crunchy leaves!

Playing tag ... with SuperBoy not too far behind!

Deciding if the bench is more interesting than the game of tag.

A Leaf Bouquet

Trying to count the leaves in the trees overhead.


Anonymous said...

Your pictures are great! And your kids are ADORABLE!!!

Doulabean said...

Oh man, I love autumn time! I wish it hasn't been raining here for the last two weeks so I could enjoy it! I guess I'll just have to live vicariously through your pictures!

Olivia said...

What awesome pictures!

Anonymous said...

Such cute kids!

Lei said...

those are great, sunny!