Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam!

I just found out that I am going to continue as the Sunbeam teacher with the new little ones moving up from the nursery class. I am SO excited. My SIL (Primary Pres in her ward) said she felt so badly that they put me in Sunbeams with 3 little kids at home, but to be completely honest, I adore my calling. Oh, and Princess is going to be in my class!

The truth of the matter is, we went inactive for a while. Not on purpose ... Job that made me work sundays, then bad pregnancies, Sick newborns, runny-nosed toddlers, and severe PPD. We went to curch a handful of times over a period of about 3 years ... maybe a not-so-full-handful of times. When we moved into this ward, we were still pretty flighty about church. Then, the day Sophie went to nursery for the first time, I ended up with the calling to be the Sunbeam teacher.
It was the perfect calling, though I didn't realise it at the time. I had felt out of touch with the spirit, out of touch with church doctrine, and couldn't really find my testimony - and I was called to teach the most innocent age group about the most basic of gospel principles. I had been struggling, but this calling helped me find my testimony that had been buried far under my doubts and depression. And I had to be active in church - my Sunbeams needed me every week! I had been complicating so much of my life and feelings, and with their sweet, simplistic answers, the simplicity of the truth was able to touch my heart.

Where else would the spirit touch me so deeply when 95% of the answers I hear in response to any question is "because Jesus wuvs me!"? And where else would a picture of a temple be met with shouts of "my temple!" and the chorus of "I love to see the temple"? Where else am I assured to be adored and given 12-45 hugs in a 2 hour period? Besides ... the sunbeams say the stinkin' cutest things, and make me smile just about every minute of our class time.

Gotta love my sunbeams!


Lisa M. said...

I love sunbeams too.

I am so glad for you!

Zoe said...

Hi Sunny! That is so awesome that you love your calling!! I am so grateful for people like you who can work well with the little sunbeams!! We teach CTR5 and love it too. We have been teaching for almost a year but we haven't been set apart yet. I keep tellng my husband that it would be an even better experience if we actually get set apart.

That is so cool that you are a photoshop person too! Do you do digital scrapbooking? How did you learn photoshop? (I love talking about it with people)

I am happy that I could see you on the LDS site too!


Stephanie said...

I am SO jealous!!!! I love toddlers and preschoolers! Right now I am stuck with the stinky older women and I HATE IT!!! Can I be you?

BTW, I want to see a picture of your sign for your bathroom!

Rachau said...

I love Sunbeams as well!
I am also happy for you!