Parent Teacher Conferences

Why do I feel anxiety that SuperBoy's teacher is going to scold me as a parent for being such a slacker mom? It's Kindergarten, my kid can read most words we show him, knows about silent "e"s, knows the sounds Sh, Ch, and Ph make, and can read level one books. I just know that I HAVE been a slacker momma ... I hardly ever do the homework (5 parent-child assignments for a K-er a week, plus 20min of reading a day?!) I know it's important, and my child truly is the most important thing to me, but I just havn't put for my effort.

Plus, ever since we got SuperBoy the L-Max for christmas, he has been way energized and wild after playing it...

Why am I so nervous for parent teacher conferences?!

BTW ... SuperBoy's teacher had nothing but (unwarrented) praise for us. Apparently, He's writing in multiple sentences; He's adding, can count fine, and wants to learn multiplying; He's almost to a 2nd grade reading level; if we want something to do with him, we could help him with his future-doctor handwriting

I would just like to send a warm thank you to LeapFrog, for picking up my slack and bringing out the amazing talents my child has, heehee!


Rachelle said...

To make you feel better, they have proven homework doesn't really help. It sounds like he is doing great things for his age!

Sunny said...

Ha! I always knew it was just a conspiracy ;)

Lisa M. said...

Ha Ha.

I always get nervous for Parent Teacher Conference