So, Where can I buy a Baby?

Tuesday, my SIL had her hands full - one dd in school, 2 dds with the flu, 1 dd who is 6m old, and a DH out of town on business. So, I convinced her to let me babysit 6m old Lainy for the day. We got SuperBoy off to school, then the girls and I went and picked up Lainy. My girls were in love.

I was changing a tiny diaper when SuperBoy's bus pulled up. Princess threw the front door open, and yelled "Hurry up SuperBoy! Mom bought us a new baby!"

SuperBoy replied "Do we get to keep it forever?!"

They were disapointed to find out that the "bought baby" was their cousin, and we'd have to return her at the end of the day. I explained that their Aunty needed to rest and take care of M & A, who were sick, so we were just babysitting. They quickly moved on, entertaining Lainy with silly faces, armfuls of toys, and hysterical giggles.

As afternoon naptime ended, it was time to get everyone packed into the car to return baby Lainy, and pick up DH from the office. SuperBoy obediently put his shoes on, then suddenly stood in front of me defiantly.

With a big glare, he said: "If she's here cause M & A have the flu, shouldn't she stay here longer? Cause babies shouldn't ever go to someone's house if they are sick. Why are we gonna let her get sick? That's not very nice mom. We should be good and keep her" He ended with another defiant glare.

I finally got them all in car seats and buckled up, and we headed down the freeway. AngelBaby was giggling and holding baby Lainy's hand on the drive. As we neared SIL's house, Lainy decided she was hungry and began to cry. Angel Baby just held her hand and soothed "it okay baby Lainy. No cry, it okay." We arrived, and I had my kids stay in the car as I ran the baby up to SIL's door, into her mama's open arms.

I got back into the minivan, where AngelBaby and Princess were crying. It had been a fun, but long day, and they were tired - as was I! As I backed the car out, AngelBaby desperately pointed to SIL's house, and whined: "Baby Lainy MINE. My Baby Lainy. No make Lainy cry mom. My Baby Lainy." I soothed her with a piece of licorice, and passed a piece to everyone ... they can't cry well when they have a mouth full of candy!

But, to my dismay and annoyance, Princess kept crying. Princess has a very effective cry, sobbing softly, but loud enough to drive you crazy enough to just give her whatever to make her stop (lil stinker!) The licorice wasn't doing the trick, so I pulled over and offered her more, which she took, then continued to sob. Finally I asked in frustration "WHAT can possibly be wrong?!" She looked up at me with her tear-glistening cheeks and said in a terribly melodramatic voice: "But I love that baby mom. I wanted to keep her forever" and she returned to her sobbing. She sobbed all the way to DH's office.

Can 2, 3 and 5 year olds get baby-hungry?!

Sorry kids, Target is fresh out of new babies, maybe they'll have new stock next time we go shopping for that new baby.

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Lei said...

awwwwww - i agree! 6 month olds are definitely keepers! ;)