A new motto

The garbage truck just left the neighborhood ... and our garbage can is still sitting in our garage, full as can be. As a mother, everything on the home-front is your job. That's not to say your DH or children are not helpful --- mine are ever so willing to help! But the buck stops at mom. If someone-who-shall-not-be-named forgets to take the trash to the curb, I catch the slack, and take it out before the truck comes. But when I also forget, like today, the trash goes unemptied. When someone forgets to put a new bag in the trash, I realise just as I'm about to toss in egg shells, and quickly get a bag. When the toilet forgets to flush itself, I make sure it gets flushed. When the dishes have sat in the sink for a few days after someone well-meaningly promised to finish them, I'll get them done.

My family loves to help, but sometimes the things I need help with aren't as obvious to others.

So, I have a new motto. I am painting it on a country board to put on display in my kitchen. It will read:

"The only thing that rivals Hugs and Kisses
are an extra pair of hands helping with the dishes."


I don't expect it to fix anything, but at least it's direct in its message!


Lei said...

that's a cute one... and i completely agree!

Stephanie said...

I think I need to copy that saying and embroider it...if you don't mind. My family needs the reminder!

I agree as well!

miranda said...

Love it!!