Monkeys in my Minivan

Dear Memoirs of a Desperate Nap-Needing Housewife,

We have been good friends for 77 posts now. You've been a great title. One that encompassed my stage of life as I mothered 3 very small children. They were just babies you see, and I was constantly exhausted. So your name fit my title perfect. I was desperate for naps.

But this morning, I woke up before my husband and children, and instead of rolling over to get any amount of sleep I could get, I hopped out of bed, got dressed for the day, straightened my curly mop of hair, and waited for the kids to wake up so I could get them ready for the day too.

I'm just not desperate anymore. I now spend nap time sewing, embroidering, or reading a good book. The only nap I take is when my youngest, now 2, won't sleep, so I snuggle next to her and sing.

I no longer would trade chocolate for sleep.

Yes, that last statement shows the extent of my moving on. I am ready to embrace the next stage of my life - the stage of being a zookeeper to preschoolers and elementary kids. I am excited to move on from my stage of babies everywhere to this stage of curious-george-like wonder.

You will always be a part of me. A memory of a stage survived, a stage completed, and now I applaud you for all the work you've seen me through.

Best of wishes, dear old title.




QueenMeadow said...

Love the new title.

Long time no "see" glad to see things are going well :)

Emily said...

the new look is great. i'm glad you are out of the sleep deprivation stage!!

Maine Mom said...

I love your new title! It is perfect for the toddler/preschool years :-)

Lei said...

How cute! I love it... and go you with your rise above attitude!

miranda said...

The massive sleep deprivation, drain everything you have stage is one of the hardest parts of our life, I think. No one can ever understand unless they have been a mom with multiple little kids. i feel like I lost half my memories from that time because of no sleep. life is looking better for me, too though. i can get stuff done at nap time, too which is a wonderful thing!